Your Chamber Mission: To promote our member businesses in Punta Gorda and all our surrounding areas, for the benefit of our entire community.

We are a membership-based local network of businesses, governed by a Board of Directors and run by professional staff, who work and serve to advance business interests in our area. We are a 501 (C) 6 organization and an independent organization governed exclusively by our local Board of Directors, not a construct of a national or state-run organization. We are NOT members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and no portion of our membership dues goes to either the US or Florida Sate Chambers.

Joining the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce is a sound business decision that offers you opportunities for your own business’ success.
Here are our reasons why…

Improve Your Bottom Line:

The more you get involved with Your Chamber, the more opportunities you’ll get to network and prosper. We actively encourage our members to use other members’ services. We all need an emergency plumber, a banker, a landscaper, and so on. Look them up on Your Chamber’s Member Directory. By attending our seminars and events, you’ll learn firsthand that others have experienced the same issues as you and they‘ll be able to help you with their knowledge. A problem shared is a cost cut in half! We encourage all of the visitors to our office to utilize the services of our Chamber members. We’ll offer each one of them a Chamber referral card so you know that we have shared your information with them and so that you know we are working for you!

Expand Your Network:

We expect 300 people to attend our Annual Dinner and Dance at which the incoming Board of Directors is installed.

Our Friday Facts – our weekly e-newsletter that tells you what is going on in the Chamber in the coming weeks and offers you special deals from other Chamber members. This is YOUR opportunity to market yourself to an estimated group of 6000 local people. If you are not currently receiving this e-newsletter, contact

Networking Luncheons – a monthly gathering to which a guest speaker is always invited. This event allows you to network as well as to gather very useful and relevant information that may concern your business. At each such event, we ask you to bring along a gift that will be entered in a draw for the others present.

Our BAH’s and BOB’s – always a hit. See our events’ calendar.

Gain Increased Visibility through ad-hoc/no cost marketing:

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Achieve Community Recognition:

Each year the Punta Gorda Chamber bestows the Donna Heidenreich Business of the Year Award to a local company which has achieved excellence in their field as well as contributed positively to our local community.

Enhance Your Company’s Credibility:

Chamber membership gives a clear message to your customers that you are a reputable company to do business with and that you fully participate in the local business community. Each member receives a beautiful membership plaque to proudly display at your place of work.

Learn from our regularly held small business seminars:

We hold a frequent series of free seminars that will assist you in working in the Punta Gorda area. Topics cover everything from “Working with City Departments” to insurance coverage, to financial planning etc. etc. These are invaluable training tools for you and your staff. They can help you prepare your business plans and can save an awful amount of your time, learning from both experts and other local businesses.

Local Politics:

Your Chamber takes an active role in working with both the local city and county elected politicians. We encourage their participation in all of our events and programs. This gives you the opportunity to network with them on a one-to-one basis and to hear their opinions on matters that affect your trade. As a lobbying group, the Chamber’s voice IS the unified voice of the Punta Gorda business community. Together we can achieve a lot!


Be a good citizen in YOUR Chamber and give back to the community that has helped develop your own business. You can be a part of the Chamber’s programs and can offer your services to talk and present to your commercial peers. We participate in community events and often ask for volunteers to help in local beautification projects that will benefit our entire community.

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