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Lighted Boat Parade

lightedboat_200Welcome to the homepage of the Annual Lighted Boat Parade.  This year, the 26th Annual Parade set sail on Sunday December 13th 2015 around 6pm.

Thanks to all the boaters for putting on a spectacular show. 

This year promises to be even bigger and better than EVER before, thanks to the support and partnership of FISHERMEN'S VILLAGE and SMUGGLERS' ENTERPRISES.

Every year, this parade attracts huge crowds to Charlotte Harbor and we strongly suggest that you view the attached route map  and select the best viewing area for you and your family very carefully. Each year the route changes, due to the tidal nature of our waters and to protect the safety of both particpants and spectators alike. Plan to arrive early and enjoy this very festive occasion.

The best viewing spots are Edgewater Lake in Charlotte Harbor, Fishermen's Village, the bridges of US41 North and Southbound (no chairs will be permitted at this location) and Laishley Park Marina as the final stop. The attached route map will give you estimated times of arrival of the parade at each stop. For further details, please call the Punta Gorda Chamber on 941 639 3720.

If you are a boater and want to join the party, we've made it even EASIER for 2015. Registration is FREE. This year, you'll be able to join the parade at three different stages. If you want to do the complete route (which we encourage), you will start in Edgewater Lake on the north shore and cross the harbor in parade format starting around 6pm (Stage 1). For those, uneasy about the harbor crossing at night, why not join us at Stage 2 (the entrance to the Isles Yacht Club channel) and join the parade from there. For small craft like dinghies, kayaks etc, stage 3 will be the Punta Gorda Boat Club launch, where you will make your way to Fishermen's Village and return via the shoreline to the Boat Club after the parade passes by. Any questions, call us 941 639 3720. We've tried to make this as easy and safe for everyone as possible. 


Please don't forget to thank our sponsors of this event. Our Partners in Action located on our homepage as well as our event sponsors (listed below) are hugely important to the success of this event and we encourage your patronage of their businesses in particular!

2015 Parade Route

Boat Parade Registration Form 2015

2015 Sponsors Lighted Boat Parade on the Peace River

Main Event Sponsors:  Fishermen's Village and Smugglers Enterprises

Co-Sponsors:   All Marine Canvas, iHeart media,


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